About us

The “Çela & Associates Law Firm” is founded by Adv. Prof. As. Dr. Ervis Çela & other partners like Adv. Mnd. Alger Osmani, Adv. Dr. Radovan Çela etc. The founder of the “Çela & Associates Law Firm”, Prof. As. Dr. Ervis Çela, is with a valuable career in Albanian justice system. He has given a significant contribution in all levels of the Albanian justice system, as a lecture at the university and as an expert in private law matters. During the years, The “Çela & Associates Law Firm”, has created a professional staff and qualified associates, specialized in different fields of law, consolidating the work and its title in the Republic of Albania and in other countries.

Why Çela & Associates Law Firm

Valuable counseling requires insight. We take the time to understand our client’s businesses.

Çela & Associates is a specialized Albanian law firm with business-minded attorneys.
We ensure value-created counseling by combining our in-depth knowledge of the legal framework in Albania and our understanding of the business side of all matters. We believe valuable counseling requires more than simply an understanding of the legal issues at hand, it also requires insight into our client’s industries in a commercial context.
Our team of lawyers is accustomed to working with cases based on business matters as well as solving legal issues in a world of new, changeable technology. We understand how changes create opportunities and limitations. We realize that traditional legal regulation and reasoning is not always adequate and we believe it is necessary, in some cases, to think outside of the box. We furthermore recognize that changes in technology and flow of work calls for a higher level of flexibility, which we strive to match.